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Gamer sex tip #48


Push your partner onto the bed, seductively crawl on top of them and kiss their neck. Give them a sultry smile, look them dead in the eye and say “find peace in the embrace of the goddess” and snap their neck.

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I have a crush on a woman and I can not do anything about it. She teaches history and is covered in tattoos. A redhead with white skin like porcelain. She also has a boyfriend. This afternoon she posted a photo on twitter that made me kind of depressed. Normally I deal with this sort of thing quite easily, though unemployed and without money for my scotch and cigars made ​​the situation a bit tricky. I already have a certain age and can not be just playing video games, I have other needs. The country’s economy is not going well, and even worse in my area of activity: Chemicals for construction. I sent my CV to most companies where I could get a chance to work. I was denied in all except two that offered very little money for the size of my job responsibility. It is at these times when being independent and living alone does not help at all.

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